Avoid Computer Virus Infection from Flashdrives

Viruses inside flashdrives have auto execute capabilities / Autoruns. If a flashdrive is improperly opened or accessed, the virus will execute itself and infects the system resulting to the computer’s freezing and slowing down, duplication of unknown and harmful files, unusual behavior and even shutting down.

What to Know/Do:

1. Avoid double-clicking or right-clicking your flashdrive in the My Computer.

2. Scan your flashdrive with an updated Anti-virus before accessing its contents.

3. Avoid Opening your computer from the Flashdrive Options Dialog Box (the small window that appears and prompts for an action just after inserting the Flashdrive).

4. Avoid clicking unknown/suspicious files inside folders.

5. Even if your flashdrive is scanned by an Anti-virus, there’s still a 50% possibility that a virus still exists inside. Always remember 1, 2 & 3.

6. You can delete a suspected virus file by Clicking Shift+Delete on the keyboard.

To Avoid Virus Infection From Flashdrives: (Click the Link Below to Download or View Instructions in pdf format)

Avoid Virus Infection From Flashdrives


4 thoughts on “Avoid Computer Virus Infection from Flashdrives

  1. Hi Kuya Mike. This article left me stymied. Haha. So if I can’t open the flashdrive on Autoplay and My Computer, how else can I gain access? (I’m clueless, seriously) Thanks for the help.

    • Open it through the windows explorer. on your keyboard – click windows button + E. Or open My Computer then – When the win explorer opens, click your folders in the left pane – There should be a column and folders/drives list.

  2. Can also try this Mix:

    1. Create a new folder on the flash drive.
    2. Name the folder, “Autorun.inf”. **
    3. Inside the folder, create/put any type of file.
    4. Last, change the properties of the folder to Read Only, and Hidden.

    The idea here is to prevent your machine to infect your flash drive and replacing the Autorun.inf file with the virus’ own version of the Autorun.inf.

    Since an Autorun.inf folder already exists on the flash drive, the virus can’t replace it. And also, even if your flash drive does have viruses, it won’t run automatically because there is no Autorun.inf file to trigger it.

    ** – Make sure Autorun.inf file is already deleted, or else, the Folder with the name Autorun.inf will not be created.

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