Kilometer 70


Butt Rest

Every end of May usually is when my mind, hands and feet are in a speed race. It is also unfortunately the time when I should’ve been resting from the travel-heavy trips. But when we got home, Iv been met with the deadline of submission of our requirements for the coming school year, and my late receiving of the notice about it further pushed me into rushing. So I planned and prepared my papers and motorcycle for an hour and a half swift ride to the main campus in Aborlan – the next town to the south of Puerto Princesa City. Dennis, one of the Kumilos Ka Kabataan core group that I handle generously availed his time to come along.

The Palawan Firetree

I’ve been there several times with my 3 year-old motorcycle in a jolty seat. And recently, I was surprised to experience that there is now a 100 km concrete and asphalt straightaway to the southern towns. We had a smooth ride.

     One of the reasons why I decided to go there with a motorcycle is because I always get dizzy when inside passenger vans. The driver manipulates the wheel almost like vin diesel even when no one is chasing him. It is also cheaper with a hundred peso of unleaded gas, and I was able to actually talk to Dennis about the most important things in life.


Wildlife Habitat

The Iwahig River - where the body of a Betta Kappa neophyte was thrown after he died from the hazing.

Entrance Gate to the Iwahig Penal Colony

Dennis is an incoming 3rd year electrical engineering student in WPU. He was fished in to our group less than two years ago and he has been committed to our cause and advocacy since then. I believe that he is better than good and is also a potential leader. We had plenty of time chatting on our road trip, and it was a fruitful one as far as story-telling is concerned.

The Old Iwahig Bridge - At the far right of the bridge is a romantic firefly watching site at night

     We arrived in our destination at the main campus of WPU in Aborlan by 10:30 in the morning. The enrollment for the first semester is still ongoing but it wasn’t hard to find the people whose signatures are strictly needed in some of my papers. I finished all the needed transactions in not more than twenty minutes – for the first time. It even surprised Dennis that it was that quick. He thought that we might be staying there for more than half a day.

     Anyway, we decided to leave immediately. We just had a quick stop only for boiled peanuts and water, and several times for taking pictures. On our way back, we saw a wrecked private van overturned in the ditch. A few rescuers were still there but the passengers weren’t. We haven’t seen any blood though. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a photo of it.


At km 30 to Puert Princesa, we saw a live bayawak in the middle of the highway and in a few kilometers more, we saw monkey crossing the road. Unfortunately, I was driving fast and didnt have the time to shoot it  – with the digicam I brought. The forest on the opposite side of the road is a protected area of the DENR, and hunting nor setting traps would mean a fine and imprisonment.

     The whole trip was fine and safe. There were only few glimpses of the sun behind the clouds and it wasn’t as hot like the real summer’s sun. Before finally dropping Dennis for his 1o’ clock speech training, we had our lunch in a small canteen in Sta. Monica with a few complains of butt stress.

It’s just another ordinary day, but it was a fruitful one. I planned and decided, and it happened.

The monkey highway

The New Iwahig Bridge

The tree tunnel


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