My Top fifteen (15) most used IpodTouch Apps

The IpodTouch from my Sister

I am always fascinated about the presentations of hi-tech gadgets about their bragged capabilities in tv and internet guides. The undying desire of people to make life easier apparently results mostly to fruitful and helpful discoveries, and the advantages and benefits would always seem to outweigh the disadvantages.

For many years, personal computers have topped my list of helpful machines, as far as a person or a professional’s productiveness is concerned. In fact, it has now become a basic need for many and a can’t live without gadget for some people I know. It is also now a skill that gives an edge even when applying to non-computer related jobs.

One of the gadgets that fascinated me for the last 3 months is the ipod touch that my dear sister gave me. While others may utilize these gadgets for entertainment, I find it helpful for many of the things that I do everyday. It’s like a swiss knife where you can have everything in your pocket. There are many more useful apps and they can be found in the IpodTouch app store.
Here is my top fifteen (15) most used apps in random order. Some are free, and some are not.

1. You Version Bible
It’s a bible with a wide selection of  different language and version. It has some helpful features such as the search function, bookmark, social media easy sharing and others more. You can also download some common versions such as NASB, NKJV or The Message for free for you be able to open it in the absence of a wi-fi connection. To install it, search for it in the app store using your ipod.

2. Wordbook.
An english dictionary which includes thesaurus, etymology and pronunciation. It is not free but its worth spending your money for. For more of its features, check it out –

3. Google.
The google app contains many of the free  google tools.

4. Ibooks. It allows you to store and read  pdf books. It has a bookshelf where the books are displayed.  You can tap a book to open. You can zoom, and browse your collection with a swipe.

5. Notepad.
Is a simple text editor app. There aren’t so much interesting features on it but I’ve been using it all the time to take notes and even compose my songs and blogs. For more of its features, check it out –

6.  Safari.
This is the default web browser for Ipod. It is very useful for me and I don’t find anything wrong about it.

7. Remote Mouse – This app can turn my ipod touch into a wireless mouse and keypad. I can now control my computer or the laptop anywhere in the room. It is very useful whenever I use presentations for my lectures. Fortunately, there’s a wifi connection in our room – it would’ve been better though if there’s a Bluetooth connection. But there are available remote mouse in the app store at a price. For more of its features, check it out –

8. Yahoo Mail Messenger.
It allows me to stay connected with my friends. As long as there’s a wifi access, I can do the things I do in the PC version.

9. Chess .
There are lots of free games available for download but I play this more than the others. I’m trying to learn this well so I could challenge kuya Marvin someday. For more of its features, check it out –

10. Facebook.
Yes, its facebook. It allows me to stay connected with my facebook friends. It’s user friendly and I can almost do the things that I can do in the PC version. I think this is a must for every Ipod Touch, Iphone and Ipad user.

11. Guitar Buddy.
It is packed with features such as free scale and downloads, a complete chord chart and others more that a guitar player would want in his hands. For more of its features, check it out –

12. Chordmaster.
2009’s best Music App. A quintessential hand-held guitar chord library. It could be helpful to guitar students who wants to study on their own. For more of its features, check it out –

13. Voice Memo.
It’s a very helpful app who have problems with forgetfulness. I use it to record whenever new melodies play in my mind. It’s simply an audio recorder and you can record everything you hear.

14. Maps. I first used this feature when I went with my wife to Tagbilaran City, Bohol for their midyear PAMET Convention last summer of 2011. It’s the IpodTouch version of the PC google map.Fortunately, there were wi-fi zones almost everywhere we went. Because of this app, we didn’t always have to call a tricycle to bring us where we want to go. We’d almost save 50 pesos a day.

15. Calculator. It has the most basic features of an ordinary calculator  including the trigonometric functions.

Check it out here for more of the IPOD Touch Features.


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