The Original Christmas

Coffee Night at Puerto Princesa Baywalk

If Christmas is imitating how the original Christmas characters have reacted more than 2000 years ago, then many, if not majority of the people today are not having real Christmas. If we look back what really happened then, Christmas is; seeking to worship and offer gifts to the Saviour of the world as the magi did; To spread the word about the saviour and glorify and praise Him as the shepherds did; acting in obedience to God despite breaking cultural traditions like Mary and Joseph; Acting in absolute faith in God even when it seems impossible like how we learn from Zechariah and Elizabeth; and having the peace like Simeon when he saw the promised salvation. Christmas has biblical roots – from the fact that it was attributed to Jesus Christ’s birth and named after Him, Christmas therefore has to be celebrated according to what the Bible teaches us.

Creative Communication Christmas party

In the original Christmas, there was no Sta Claus, no exchange of gifts, no Christmas trees, no reindeers, no ham nor keso de bola, no loud parties, no noche buena and no carolling and asking for money. These are just a few of the traditions that we have today, that I cannot find anywhere in the original Christmas. But no matter what or where it came from, it is teaching us materialism, and keeps our orientation away from the true Christmas, into thinking only of our own personal gratifications – to have new clothes, eat salty and fatty food, win the raffles, to party and have or do anything that satisfies us.

Christmas @ Baker's Hill with the family

These traditions are actually good if we only want to have a festive or have a joyful celebration but if takes us away from doing more of what Christmas is really all about, then it is doing us more harm than good and I don’t think God is glorified.

Gang's Surprise Baby Shower @ Fran's Resort

Many people would say or wouldn’t feel that it wouldn’t be Christmas without these traditions. Minds have been corrupted into thinking that this is what makes Christmas. Many are just pressured to do these traditions because of the season and not out of true and sincere appreciation of the reason for the season. Greed, pride and lust are controlling people eventually leading to bad consequences. During Christmas, there’s an increase in the cases of accidents due to drunk driving. Crimes that aim to acquire more money increase. Immorality is out on the streets because of the many parties that serve as venues. Many get disappointed for not receiving the gifts they want. Truly and sadly, all these happen in the name of Christ because it’s Christmas.

The Kids @ Baker's Hill

As a Christian, I know that we should be the first to celebrate Christmas, but we should celebrate Christ only and in Christ likeness. We can add those traditions if we want to be merry, but we must be careful with our attitude and where it leads us. Christmas should be – Mas si Christ in our body, mind and soul. That is the true Christmas.

Christmas Party with Crossroads

Christmas Party @ Saver's Clinic

Cornerstone Christmas Party - Shine like A Star

Not the Sound Mixing Crew

Have a Fruitful and Meaningful Christmas and 2012…


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