People in our Circle

with Kuya Arman - my Best man

Our existing relationships, whether we accept it or not, influences the decisions that we make along the years. Our parents, relatives, friends, church mates, classmates and even our enemies motivate and help us choose the paths we take. Though unaware most of the times, we unconsciously follow and pattern our thoughts, upon our own personal principles and convictions which have been built on other people’s ideas and thinking.

My passion for music I believe has evolved because of my parent’s influence – probably not from their genes but because I watched them sing sometimes. When we were kids, we used to have family devotions in our bed and it always start and end with a song. Those were my first experience in singing. Another influence was from my tito boy. He plays the guitar well and it was because of him that I was motivated and learned the rock and ballad songs of the 80’s and 90’s. During my adolescence, my older cousins introduced the beatles and many of the folk and country icons like Don Mclean, John Denver, Neil young and OPMs such as eraserheads. I began to be almost obsessed with listening to new melodies that I haven’t limited my heart and ears to other genres. MTv asia became my Number 1 TV Channel. During my high school years, I had a classmate named Eric who plays the guitar well too which made Him a very likable person by both sexes. At that time, I don’t see myself as a likable person so I started to learn how to play the guitar as well. Besides, I thought that I had it in me because I had an uncle who plays well. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to figure out how to play the famous songs exactly as how you hear them on tapes, and so this has pushed me to write my own songs and create my own music, and I was surprised that it isn’t that really hard.

me and my wife. Baker's Hill. Dec2011

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that, we become who we are and even discover our hidden talents and skills because of others. We wont be able to recognize it at first but as we try to be our true selves, there are other forces at work that pushes us further to be the person we want. My passion for music didn’t come right out of my own instincts but because of others.

When I was about to graduate in HS, I’ve always wanted to be in the broadcast communication arena because its where Ive been exposed to since I was a kid. My mom was working at Radyo ng Bayan and I had an aunt who was a famous radio anchor there too. And again, I thought that its what I’m built for. However, things didn’t happen as i wanted because of various circumstances and people. I went to a university and enrolled in a course that never even slipped through my head before and has nothing to do with human communications. Truly, even our own plans sometimes wouldn’t work out the way we want. There are series of circumstances that happen in our lives that lead us to somewhere unfamiliar because of the people we know and we let into our lives. Though still in the end, we end up blaming not them but ourselves.

Well I believe in one thing. According to the bible, God has a plan for each of us. Like an artist who creates his masterpiece, there is meaning and purpose for his work and to each of its details. It is God who designs the tapestry of our lives and knit into us other lives and circumstances. However, we have the will and freedom to choose, and the people that come to our lives are still selected and allowed by us. The circumstances brought through them may not be our choice but it still boils down to our former decision of letting them in.

Tito Larry and Tita Sany

Here is a list of some of my likes and choices and who I got from:
I started playing computer games (PS2) through the influence of my high school buddy Clyde and my college friend richard. I was inspired to learn playing the keyboard when I saw and heard Kuya Manuel play. I enrolled in civil engineering because the school HR suggested it, but shifted later to computer engineering because of my friend Richard and my tito larry when he told me that there is no more land left for me to survey. I started having non-christian girlfriends out of revenge because of one girl who broke my teenage heart. I started singing and leading praise and worship with a guitar when I saw a guy named Jong who leads the praise and worship in VCF-Youth on Fire. I went to Palawan because of Kuya Ruben whom I’ve met during my 4th year in engineering. I started my avocation of photography because of a motivation and appreciation that first blurted out from from Joyce, Kuya Arman and the cookie media. I continued to stay in Palawan because of the series of trainings and spiritual encounters I had through Manong Jun and Ate Ding’s mentoring. It was through them also, that I got involved in campus and community outreaches throughout Palawan and other provinces and even China. Because of my involvement, I also had many new true friends in Palawan than I’ve made in 23 years before I got here, and I’ve met a wonderful woman – Rowena who became my wife. I have done things, been to different places, acquired and lost some, learned, experienced joys and tragedies, and grew in many aspects – all because of the connections I have with other people.

from left: Tita Julie, Vicky and Mameng

The people I’ve met has indeed helped in making me the person I am supposed to be. My whole being has been founded with the influences, encouragements, motivations and lives of the different kinds of people who surround me. Through them, I have discovered my purpose in God’s Kingdom.

We must be careful in choosing people we allow in our lives, for we might miss the best ones and welcome the worst ones. We must wisely think and assess before letting someone in. The person we choose determines the kind we want to add into our life’s complicated tapestry – for better or for worse.


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