A Father’s Resolution

Courageous is definitely a must see film for every Father and Families. As I type, I can’t think of any other films that teaches so much on every aspect of True Christianity, as well as about the true reasons of the major problems every neighborhood and society today is struggling from.

We can’t wait for Father’s day to remind us how every man is supposed to be. Everyday and today, is the time that all men and fathers must take a stand, before the world and make a solemn resolution before God – To take full responsibility for himself, his wife and his children.

(A Father’s resolution from one of the greatest films – Courageous)

I, do solemnly resolve before God…
To take full responsibility for myself,
my wife and my children.

I will love them, protect them and serve them…
And teach them the statutes of God
as the spiritual leader of my home.

I will be faithful to my wife, to love and honor her…
And be willing to lay down my life
for her, as Christ did for me.

I will teach my son to love God with all of his heart,
all of his mind, and all of his strength.
And l will train him
to honor authority and live responsibly.

I will confront evil, pursue justice, and love mercy.
I will treat others with kindness,
respect and compassion.
I will work diligently
to provide for the needs of my family.

I will forgive those who have wronged me
and reconcile with those who I have wronged.
I will walk in integrity as a man answerable to God.
I will seek to honor God, obey his word and do his will.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Be inspired by the Film’s theme song from Casting Crowns – Courageous.

Courageous Movie Trailer Official (HD)


One thought on “A Father’s Resolution

  1. I thank u for the making of the movie ” Courageous”. I am currently the President of our Men’s Ministry. Though not perfect, I effortlessly attempt to be the Best Dad, Brother, Friend, etc on a daily basis. I plan to Introduce and Promote this “Dad’s Resolution” to the Ministry.

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