When the Wife is Away

mike | amateur Poetry

When my wife is away, life is pale
There’s no one to notice, without fail
The stains at my shirt, and white dusts in my neck
Even the red, black and yellow specks

When my wife’s away, days are boring and sad
Can’t do anything fun, but fix the bulb
Exterminate the termites, and paint the wall
Clean the room from, ceiling to floor

When my wife is away, I can’t play
I’d keep watch for a call, or text all day
I’ll clean, cook and wash, alone on my own
And make sure I look good when Skype is on

When my wife is away, I can’t sleep much
I work on my computer, until midnight drops
It’s tedious when alone, in our bed anyway
I’d rather keep busy, and drive the sickness away

When my wife is away, senses become faint
Appetite is lost, and strength is drained
Ears are numbed, in shrill silence
Scentless air floats, in her absence

When my wife is away, I’m left in misery
I’m caught in a trance, when missing her terribly
Indeed apart from God, nothing replaces
The love of a wife, and her fond caresses

When my wife returns, and the waiting is over
It’ll be my happiest day, I’ll no longer suffer
From missing and counting, the days when we’ll be together
How great is our God, for His blessing of wife and a daughter.


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