How to download High Quality videos in Youtube

Perhaps, one of the best things the internet taught us is generosity. However, there are other forms of generosity within that are against the law and violate others’ rights. Despite it, I think that it may have served well for good causes. Well, there are numerous negative impacts of the free information in the Internet, but personally, as far as my search for knowledge is concerned, it is helping me a lot. One of the many good things is that; various Information and knowledge is freely transferred to people in need, and anyone as well can upload and download helpful resources in no time.

One of my favorite resource website is YouTube. There are thousands or millions of resources out there that anyone can freely download. However, it takes a little technical procedure to get them. Here is a quick guide (For Windows) how to download high quality videos on YouTube and other similar sites.

1. Install the latest Mozilla Firefox browser if you don’t have one.
2. After installation, open it.
3. Install the Video Downloadhelper add-on. To do that;
a. Click the Firefox button at the upper-leftmost part of the browser window then click add-ons.

b. When the Add-ons window appears, Click the Get Add-ons button.

c. Type video downloadhelper at the search all add-ons textbox then hit Enter.

d.From the list that appears, select video downloadhelper then click install.

e. After Installation, restart the browser.
f. You should see the DownloadHelper icon below the firefox button.

g. To use it, open sites similar to YouTube.
h. Open
i. Search and play the clip that you want to download.
j. You’ll notice that while the video plays, the DownloadHelper icon moves or rotates.
k. Click the drop-down arrow button beside the downloadhelper icon (the red, yellow & blue circles) to access the downloadhelper menu.

l. Point your mouse to one of the choices then click quick download at the sub-menu that appears. (Select .mp4 files or those with higher numeric value for higher quality or HD videos. They have greater file size which means longer download time.)
m. A download box appears which shows the download progress and some details.

n. Pause the video on YouTube to reserve more bandwidth for the download. Do not close the download box while downloading is in progress. Wait.
o. A download manager software such as the Free Download Manager can also help speed up the downloading.


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