My Rowena



Like early light, are your eyes
My morning delight, when I rise
Like the setting sun, is your reflection
Driving my feet, & heart to get home

For who could not, so much miss
A lovely wife, who greets with a kiss
Then with honesty, that cares and tells
Asks to change, a shirt that smells

Though all the hours, in a day’s work
Isolates us for awhile, in our own corners
You are always, in my mind and heart
Near or far, no distance can keep us apart

For I have decided, long ago from the start
Committed to love you, in the grace of God
For God is love, & perfect is that love
I may not love like God, but I will not stop

The day I asked your hand, may I always remember
And with faith you decided, to love me too forever
Just like the V-day, exhibiting my pride & power
One of the greatest achievement, God offered me to conquer

Everyday we wake up, may our eyes be on each other
May each stare remind us, the vow we made in December
Like the love of the Father, that is new every morning
Our love will remain, it will be unending

These words may seem, just easy to say
But not because, I intend each day
That with faith & His grace, God will lead me as I pray
Lord let her stay in my heart, in her heart I will stay


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