Photography with God: A Song to Remember

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Psalms 33:3
Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise. KJV

God loves music. He created it and desires it to be one of the ways by which we express our reverence to Him. That is why music is so powerful. It can cause people to cry and get in touch with themselves. It can make us laugh and smile as well as become angry or gloomy. It can dictate our mood and even bring our memories to the past. We can choose and use music in order to create an environment that we want to see and feel. It has such a powerful force that many get famous or rich or powerful by it.

In the Bible throughout the ages, we can read how God commanded in Deuteronomy to write and sing a song then to keep it for the next generations to hear. Music supposedly contains a narrative and description of who God is and what He has done and can do. The Bible tells of the numerous miraculous acts of God that He wants to have it remembered through a song. The purpose of a praise and worship song is to bless God, and not for God to bless us, though the songs can sometimes minister to the worshiper too.
The book of Psalms is one of the great examples of Hebrew poetry that contains words of praises towards God. It contains the very heart of God’s delight and the apple of His eye. A heart that is full of thanksgiving and deep reverence towards God.

I and my wife’s reading in Psalms brought us to chapter 33:3 which particularly speaks of two things that I believe God wants us to do. First, God wants us to sing to Him a new song. I had wondered if David literally meant it that we have to sing a new song each time. In Psalms 96:1-3, which speaks about the same thing, tells some reasons why we must sing and praise Him. We do it to, (1) Proclaim his salvation day after day, and (2) Declare his glory among the nations, and His marvelous deeds among all peoples. The verse tells that God neither want us to stop praising Him nor get bored of it. I believe that when He commands us to sing a new song, God wants us to have the same or even greater excitement, each day we commune with Him with singing. God doesn’t want us to run out of words how we describe Him but inspires us to retell and retell His goodness with the same enthusiasm like the first day we met Him.

Furthermore, God’s goodness and marvelous deeds are unending. Therefore, our praises should also be unending. God manifests his power and goodness uniquely each time and we have to respond in praises and thanksgiving uniquely each time too. I believe that God wants variety. David didn’t write all the Psalms in a single time but on different occasions and situations. For every deliverance, victory, blessing, forgiveness and miracles that God brings – David has a song that particularly talks about it. If he would have lived longer, he would have written more songs. Praise and worship is a specific response to God’s specific doing in our lives.

I remember a 50 something aged lady in the church who said that, “We internalize the lyrics of the worship songs that we sing, and so we have to be careful in singing the same songs over and over again for it might just become mere religiosity like a repeated prayer that doesn’t mean anything at all.” I believe that she may have a good point. However, people in the church are diverse with different personalities, and it’s sometimes hard to put a balance on introducing new songs to internalize and sing. However, the song itself doesn’t really matter, because it’s the heart that God seeks. In the end, it all boils down to the kind of attitude we have towards God when we worship Him. Do we truly respond in praise and thanksgiving because of who God is and what He’s done in our lives? Or are we just driven because of something else other than God?

Secondly, God wants us to improve in our skills. I believe that God wants us to master our craft. He wants us to excel and become the best at what we do. Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices to improve our skill. We need to spend time, effort and resources in order to practice and become better. I believe that the amount of dedication we spend in developing ourselves and our skills equates with the kind of devotion that we have towards our master. I believe that as a disciple of God, we should desire for something bigger and not be contented with good enough or maintain the same average skill since yesterday. I believe that if we love God and desire to exalt him in a higher way, then we have to be better than what we were yesterday. In the same way that we want to grow in the knowledge of Him, we also must desire to improve our talent and not be contented with “just ok”. And besides, we have to do our part if we are in a team, and to not let the team down by not practicing. We have to invest something, in order to increase.

There are many, many reasons why we worship God. There are daily situations that God gets us through, and He desires for us to express our thanksgiving and praise to Him. Words are important to God. He created the world by His words. Our word of response matters to Him a lot. And as David did, let’s sing to Him a new song, and skillfully create music to bless God with our souls.


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