Photography with God: Above the Clouds

PAGE 8 of 365.

Job 37:16
Do you understand how he balances the clouds with wonderful perfection and skill? NLT

I took some photos of the clouds while aboard a plane to Puerto Princesa. Ironically, you can’t seem to feel the speed when you’re on a plane flying at 600mph than on a bus traveling at 160mph. On a bus, the trees at the side of the road look blurry when at a speed. But on a plane, the world seems to be in a slow motion when you look outside. This allowed me to take a shot at the stunning arrangement and patterns of the clouds, where at an interval of time, the setting sun shines through the thinner clouds. It is really amazing to have a closer look at them hanging in the air than when you look at the clouds from the ground.
Sometimes, we just look at things from afar and we think that’s enough. We also look at God the same way. We inadvertently treat Him like a friend living in the other end of the world where it’s too far to reach and calling Him would cost much. And because He’s too far, we disregard the need to communicate to Him. We think we can handle things and can do everything on our own. We tend to reason, explain, study, solve and deal with all our problems with our own shallow minds. Then when the situation gets awry, we sometimes blame the great manipulator of the laws of the universe. Or sometimes, when we’re exhausted, we do a long distance call to our last resort – to our friend who lives at the highest place in the universe. There are many things that we don’t understand. The complex interrelation of good and not good circumstances in our lives leaves us hanging with endless whys. Dealing with things on our own only gives us a peek of the real situation. Our interpretations will be narrow and so we only deal with a fraction of the bigger picture. As a result, the solutions we make oftentimes do not pass the acceptable margin.

When someone wants to know a person, the first step to take is to approach him. If he wants to have a closer relationship, a constant communication would be needed. And if he wants a deeper relationship where understanding, forgiveness and love are the core, a deeper communication is required.

In James 4:8 – we are told to draw close to God. The fact is, God has always been near us. I believe that the reason why He seems so far sometimes is because we don’t approach Him. The next phrase in the verse tells that God will draw to us if we draw ourselves to Him. God sees everything and is present everywhere. He is always waiting.
I have been trying to comprehend why I’ve been economically taken aback in the past month. I’ve had sure expectations that everything is going to go well because I tried everything I could. But it turned out that was just a thought. I didn’t actually try everything but only did up to the limit of what I can. In any case, trying to reason and finding out how would be useless. Sometimes there are things that we can’t clearly interpret on our own perspective. In such times, I believe that God wants us to look close to Him, closer and deeper. He wants us to approach Him and wrap ourselves in His extended arms. There can be no immediate clear answer revealed to us but only a clear character of the sovereign God. Our need to comprehend our troubled situation eases off if we have a deeper understanding of who God is. God has the bigger picture of our lives, and there is no other way to understand it other than knowing Him who knows everything.

The clouds that hang in the sky is more wondrous when you are actually up there with it. In the same way, we can have a greater appreciation about everything in our life if we have a deeper knowledge and experience with God, and a closer and constant fellowship. The first verse of Job 37 starts with a feeling of awe upon God – “my heart pounds as I think of this. It leaps within me.” It was further described in the following verses how God was in control of the water cycle. The more we know Him, the more peaceful we become knowing that every ordinary and supernatural things are in His hands. We need not to comprehend more nor explain.


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