My Top 25 Favorite English Worship Songs of 2013

Music is one of the great influencers of culture, attitude and lifestyle delivered through the media. It is powerful because it is able to touch and stir people’s emotion and spirituality. It’s one of the best means in expressing the feelings and emotions of a person towards anything or anyone.

I believe however that music was first created to glorify God. In the Old Testament, David had put people in charge of music in the House of the Lord and to minister through music before the tabernacle. For Christians, it is one of the great ways to worship GOD. Music allows our being to transcend into that spiritual realm of truth. It is through music that believers declare the greatness of God and of who He is, proclaim the Gospel and testify about His love and goodness.

I lead the praise and worship sometimes at church and preparing for it takes a lot of time. I follow certain criteria and steps which leads me to selecting the songs to lead. The internet provides helpful means to get updated and in finding out songs that aren’t yet in my database.

This year, I have added a few worship songs on my list. I have led some of them at church and I believe that it is obedience to HIM if we sing new songs to give glory to GOD. Below are my top 20 worship songs this year (Arranged in random order). Some of the songs are not really new or released in 2013 but anyhow are new to me.

1. Only You [Hillsong]

2. Anchor [Hillsong]

3. Man of Sorrows [Hillsong]

4. Glorious Ruins [Hillsong]

5. Light of your face [Jesus Culture]

6. How he loves [Jesus Culture]

7. Holy [Jesus Culture]

8. You hold me now [Hillsong]

9. Song of Solomon [Jesus Culture]

10. Oceans (Where Feet may fail) [Hillsong]

11. Strength of my life [Planetshakers]

12. Hope of all Hearts [Planetshakers]

13. Higher, Wider Deeper [Citipointe]

14. Cornerstone [Hillsong]

15. I Surrender [Kim Walker Smith – Jesus Culture]

16. Crown Him (Majesty) [Chris Tomlin]

17. Fling Wide [Misty Edwards]

18. Soul Cry [Misty Edwards]

19. Set a Fire [Jesus Culture]

20. Where you go I go [Jesus Culture]

21. I adore [Jesus Culture]

22. Secret Place [Lincoln Brewster]

23. Unto You be all the Glory / My Romance [Jesus Culture]

24. Dance with me [Jesus Culture]

25. Yeshua [Avion Blackman]

26. Holy Spirit have your way [Leeland]

Important Note: To download them on youtube, Follow the instructions on this link >>


2 thoughts on “My Top 25 Favorite English Worship Songs of 2013

  1. #26 is my favorite song! I’ve used it for choir auditions and personal worship time. Leeland has the best music by far! Thanks for the post!!!

  2. You’re welcome. You’re right about Leeland. And They have more other songs that I really like. We played enter this temple at church two years ago… 🙂

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