Five things you shouldn’t do on Facebook

Five things you shouldn’t do on Facebook

Facebook has been around for almost a decade now and its impact in the way people communicate and interact has changed. Facebook extended its capability as a social media, beyond just enabling persons to communicate despite time and geographic boundaries. It is also now widely used for variety of purposes in business marketing and promotion, education, philanthropic causes, information and knowledge management, entertainment, blogging and many more.

There have been a lot of articles and researches published that talk about the benefits, risks, advantages and disadvantages of facebook. Some social science scholars have also attempted to show how the benefits of facebook outweigh the risks and/ or the other way around.

DSC_0285For me, I should thank Mr. Zuckerberg for starting Facebook. I’ve been using it for many years now for personal and business activities, and it has also helped us recently in our endeavor to raise funds for the typhoon Yolanda aftermath and update sponsors about the project and relief efforts.

Whatever arguments they may have, the truth is that facebook has the power to reach the deeper being of its users. Netizens would often make posts that expose their life making them vulnerable from insults and attack from others. Unaware at times, some supposedly positive images or thoughts posted may be negatively understood or interpreted by others – and oftentimes is subjected to ridicule and judgment. In the end, each FB user is responsible for his actions and he must make a commitment to find it in his heart to use FB for good purpose.

One of the things we need to be careful about are those that we post in the newsfeed. We may be posting images or comments that seem fine to us but might irritate or annoy the readers. Some may have good intentions but others do it on purpose to post these top five annoying posts on facebook that I observe.

Five things you shouldn’t do on Facebook:

1. Brag
– Some people may post on facebook, just to brag. One of the good but not a good thing about facebook, is it enables persons to portray themselves in a grand and overly positive way. A recent research done by University of Michigan in the US about the impact of facebook concluded that it causes low self-esteem and depression. There seems to be a great possibility for someone to be resentful, jealous and feel inferior when seeing other people’s pictures and comments about the perfect events of their lives. Anyhow, I think that you don’t need to show to all your friends about your newly acquired possessions, places you just went, food you just ate or a charity you just made unless that you want them to know. The next question you ask yourself however is, why do you want your friends to know about it?

2. Seek Attention
– Some people would try to seek attention due to need or lack of it, because of insecurity or other readons. While some directly asks readers to comment on their posts, I often see facebook posts that indirectly asks for attention such as; questions that means nothing or weird questions that obviously has no answer, statements made about others but is obviously about him/her, self pitying remarks, accusing or gossiping in public newsfeed about someone who annoyed or did something bad to him/her, too much posting of anything he/she does as if people are really following him/her, and sending out a hundred invitations for a game he/she plays or group he/she created. Here is a blog I’ve read about types and examples of facebook comments that is asking for attention: 10 Facebook Posts That Scream ‘Pay Attention to Me!’

3. Hit Back
– I often read aggressive posts in response to a comment made about them on facebook. Some just cannot let go, accept and tolerate what others say or think about them (which may be true or not), and as a result, would post images and comments to prove that they’re way better than their enemies. Other people who do not have the guts to be truthful face to face with the person find it easier to do it on facebook infront of other’s eyes who arent supposed to be involved and have nothing to do with it. Using facebook for word wars and wallopping statements to retaliate is not a good place to explain one’s self. Nobody really wins.

4. Waste time
– Due to cheaper, faster and easier accessibility of the internet, some people do not usually feel and understand the fortunate chance of having an internet, as a valuable tool for other productive purposes. Some just spend hours facebooking and making unnecessary posts without realizing the amount of time and resources wasted. One really annoying post is seeing someone’s “selfie” again every time you open your facebook – as if you’re facebooking just to see him/her. This usually seems to be the habit of those who do not seem to be doing anything in their 24 hours of life everyday.

5. Complain
– Facebook is widely used for promoting good causes and sensible opinions. Many however are just habitual pessimists, making posts only to complain about the government, societal issues and little negative experiences encountered in the everyday life. Too much complaining only spreads negativism, fuels hate and is useless. People are often stereotyped because of what they display in the online mirror of their life.

Before posting anything on facebook, its always good to stop for awhile and think about the purpose of what we are about to post.


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