Palawan G12 Churches Hold First Mentoring of the Year

The network of G12 churches all over Palawan under Ptr. Carlo Panlilio, held the first G12 mentoring of the year 2014 at Puerto Princesa. It was attended by several churches from the north of Palawan to the south as far as Rio Tuba.

The first part of the Mentoring was held at CAP building, San Miguel Puerto Princesa City on February 8 at about 6PM to 10Pm. Cornerstone Community Church hosted the first session which was announced beforehand to be exclusively for the primaries with an estimated number of 120 persons. It was however attended also by other non-primaries. The estimated attendance has increased to more than 50%, overwhelming for awhile the workers of the host church, who with haste made a way to add chairs, arrange the venue and double the amount of food that was prepared.

The program started on time. Ptr. Jun of Cornerstone Community led the opening prayer which was followed by a worship intro video then the Praise and Worship led by the Cornerstone Community Music team. The giving of offering followed after which was led by Ptr. John of Jesus Touch.

Ptr. Zhaleen leading the congregation in Prayer during the G12 Mentoring @ CAP bldg., Puerto Princesa on February 8, 2014.

Ptr. Zhaleen leading the congregation in Prayer during the G12 Mentoring @ CAP bldg., Puerto Princesa on February 8, 2014.

The first session which was for the Primaries of the G12 churches was started and introduced by Ptr. Carlo. He mentioned that he and his wife came up with this program to equip and empower the primary 12 of the Pastors under their network. In the Bible, Jesus had spent time with the disciples, training, teaching and modelling to them how discipleship is, in the last three years of His stay on earth. In the same way, the primary 12 must be fully equipped to lead the cell groups and the multitudes that is about to come. Ptr. Carlo quoted in the book of John 17 about Jesus mentioning that His time had now come. This chapter according to him revealed the reason why Jesus was ready to be crucified – It was because He knew that the primary disciples were formed, and that they are ready to continue what Christ has started. Jesus ultimate task was not the crucifixion itself but includes the forming of the 12 who will lead the movement that followed. Pastor Carlo encouraged the primaries to value the privilege of being chosen as one of the 12. When Jesus chose his 12, he knew their capability and though they were not highly regarded by the society, they were to become great men who will disciple many more, who will proclaim the gospel throughout the world, as long as they will obey and follow Jesus.

The next session was divided into two sub-sessions. Pastor Carlo and his wife shared the verse in Psalms 78:70-72 which was about two things that David had, and in the same way is what it takes to be a shepherd of God’s flock. The first thing, which was shared by Ptr. Zhaleen was the HEART of a shepherd. In Psalms 23 which was her main text, she shared about the characteristics of a sheep that each cell leader needs to know and understand, and the Heart of a shepherd that each cell leader must possess. The second thing was the SKILL, which was shared by Pastor Carlo again. He shared that besides having the right HEART of a shepherd, each one should also possess the necessary skills in order to win the hearts of the unbelievers. They both shared many practical applications and testimonies how they started with their cell groups and discipleship under the G12 vision. They shared their struggles as well as victories that they experienced in their journey. It was such a blessing to listen to their hearts as they pour it out in the crowd who were from the beginning were excited and hungry for the Word of God. The topic they shared was also shared by Ptr. Carlo in one of the G12 gatherings in 2012.

The Primary’s mentoring ended with an altar call of commitment.

The second day was an open-for-all mentoring. The venue was at the Skylight convention hall and started at about 8am.

The first hour was intended for the Primaries again. Elvie, one of the primaries of Pastor Zhaleen shared in the first session. She talked about how it is to be a primary. She shared how Pastor Zhaleen has discipled her. She had some ups and downs in her relationship with God, and as becoming a cell leader of many. She shared her struggles and how she overcame those through the mentoring of her leaders.

G12 Mentoring at CAP bldg., Puerto Princesa City on February 8, 2014. Deo Tambong on keyboards.

G12 Mentoring at CAP bldg., Puerto Princesa City on February 8, 2014. Deo Tambong on keyboards.

The main session was started by Pastor Carlo. The theme for the entire day was Awakening. It was an awakening from deep slumber. He mentioned three things that each believer must be awakened from in order to fulfill God’s purpose with an unfading strength and power. These were: (1.) Awakening of origins – we need to be awakened from the truth that we are God’s creation and are created in His image. (2) Awakening of identity – we need to know who we truly are in Christ because this leads to – (3)Awakening of our purpose.

Ptr. Carlo shared the first point about awakening of Origins. He mentioned about the different concepts of the world regarding the beginning of the universe and humans. He iterated that we did not evolve from monkeys and that we need to hold on to the truth that the universe is created by God. Believing the wrong concept (that we evolved from an animal) leads to inhumane behavior and acts.

The second point – Awakening of Identity, was again shared by Ptr. Zhaleen. She mentioned that we are God’s own special treasure and with that identity, we must get rid of all evil actions, walk in obedience to God and not associate with worldly affairs.The next session was again handled by Elvie and she talked about promotion. Her topic centered on the truth that every living being grows and that we need as disciples to also grow. She shared important points on the DNA for promotion.

Ptr. Zhaleen talked about the keys to promotion during the last session. She shared three points in the acronym PAA which stands for, Plan – Attitude and Action that each disciple must have and do in order to be promoted.

Ptr. Carlo ended the the mentoring with a challenge and a prayer. The mentoring session was dismissed at about 4:30 in the afternoon. About more than one thousand attended the first G12 mentoring.


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