Five Lessons from the Film: Grace Unplugged

grace_unplugged_wpThe film is about a Christian teenager’s pursuit of her own dreams in her own way. The main character Grace was raised in a church. Her father was a former famous rockstar who turned music pastor after marrying and having baby grace. As Grace turned 18, she gets tired with the tight discipline and ways of her dad making her feel suffocated. Wanting to pursue her own dream of becoming a famous singer herself, she presented a demo of her dad’s famous old hit to her dad’s former manager. A chance eventually opened up bringing her into the chaotic world of the secular music industry in Hollywood, and challenging her to choose between pleasing God or pursuing her own dream in her own way.

The story has a common plot. There are really no surprising twists, creative transitions or unpredictable scenes, but what makes it great is that such Christian films are rare. Besides, the story doesn’t seem dragging. What surprised me more is that it was released into theaters and distributed by Lionsgate and roadside pictures which is not known to be producing such kind of films. Moreover, the actress and actors were great. The acting was natural and does not seem forced. It was also surprising to see James Denton (the father) who formerly was from desperate housewives; Jamie Grace – a Dove awarded singer, songwriter and musician; Kevin Pollak – a veteran actor; and a cameo by Chris Tomlin and Pia Toscano – an American idol season 10 top7.

My favorite line of the film which was told by the pastor to Grace’s father: “God may not be using you in Grace’s life right now… And He may never. But He is in control. Sometimes, when our kids grow up, the best thing we can do is just be faithful and trust Him to take care of them.”

It is indeed a nice film for every musician. It is encouraging and inspiring even to those who want to try to write songs. It is also informative and reveals some of the realities that not everyone knows about what it is to be in the industry. The songs are also great and the fact that AJ Michalka is a real singer adds value to the truthfulness of the film. The film may seem like a cliche but there are classic lessons that parents and daughters/sons must never forget.

Five Lessons from the Film:

Importance of waiting: Not all opportunities that open at the time you think you needed it most may not necessarily be the right one. Our patience and sound judgment is often tested at times like these and if we learn how to control our desires, we will eventually and smoothly find our right place in this world at the right time.

People need space: A person comes to a point where he/she believes that there is more that he/she can do. There is an intensified desire to get out and discover how it is to be free. There is a time when our being can no longer withhold the passion, wants and creativity that’s building within. A person naturally grows and if not given the space for that, will burst violently.

Learn to let go: For a father who’s daughter is about to reach adulthood, letting go is hard to do. The father does not have the courage and confidence to trust his daughter’s capability to face the risks and dangers of the real world. Oftentimes, those things that you cared for, treasured and loved for years is not easy to let it out of your hand because of its high value and emotional attachment it made on you. However, letting go allows us to trust God to be in control and to give a chance for others to build their confidence and realize their own dreams.

Respect to parents: For grown up kids, obedience to parents become less and less. Young people sometimes think that older parents are not cool, old school and are seen as suppressors of their growth in many aspects. However, parents have the ability to see further what’s ahead and therefore warns and/or protects.

God is in control: There are some things and situations that we cannot control. When we cannot handle a situation after doing our best, God sends other people who will keep watch of what or who we are praying for.


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