Poem By The Scribbler [Ivy Lopez] for my daughter Summer Gael

Photo By: Josh Gulane

Photo By: Josh Gulane

Let me be like you: the child-like calm
On your lovely face. Your little palm
Open to raindrops, your pink tongue out
For candy bars that Mommy sings about.

I have learned to despise the rainfall,
Because it’s a hindrance, after all.
My shoes get drenched, my body cold
Umbrella sways despite my firm hold.

I look at you, and I’m hit hard. Squarely.
I mope, whereas you are perfectly happy.
A smile lights up your eyes; your face is split,
Whereas I’m at the end of my wits.

I take a leaf from your book, little one.
Henceforth I will do as you have done.
When the rain comes to my life again,
I will welcome it with my arms open.

When blue skies turn to grey,
When I wake up to a rainy day,
Help me not to languish, mope or pout—
Of the fact that I cannot have a nice day out.